Battlefield 6: Entire Trailer Leaks Online

The entire Battlefield 6 reveal trailer has reportedly leaked online. After weeks of leaked images, audio, and snippets of the reveal trailer surfacing on Reddit, Twitter, and elsewhere, the entire trailer, complete with both video and audio, has leaked online. Unfortunately, though, the footage is potato quality and has a large troll watermark over it. Not only do these two qualities prevent it from being very revealing, but there doesn't appear to be much to reveal. There's no gameplay or hint at the narrative. The only real takeaway is that the game is set in the future, but not the far-flung future.

All of that said, it's worth noting that there's been some scuttlebutt that this isn't actually the game's reveal trailer, with some rumors and insiders suggesting the trailer below could be an internal trailer meant for investors. This seems unlikely, but it's worth keeping in mind as you watch the trailer, courtesy of the link below.

As for when the trailer will come proper, remains to be seen. EA and DICE have confirmed it's coming sometime in June, but that's where the specificity ends. That said, a new theory may have figured out when it's dropping, and if it's right, the trailer is dropping soon.

Until then, take this trailer with a grain of salt. While it's quite obvious this is a real Battlefield 6 trailer, it's possible it's not the reveal trailer and it's also possible it's outdated. This is unlikely, but it can't be ruled out. So far, EA and DICE haven't commented on the leak. They haven't commented on a single leak yet, so we don't expect this to change, but if it does, we will update the story accordingly.

Battlefield 6 -- or whatever the new Battlefield winds up being called -- is set to release sometime later this year. At the moment of publishing, we know the game is coming to PC and consoles, but not what consoles specifically.

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Saw a bionical dog?! We gonna get Riley 2.0


I can't wait for it's official release

this is gonna be great!!


I'm so hyped for the official release!!

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