The Riftbreaker Will Launch for Xbox Game Pass Day 1

Exor Studios’ upcoming The Riftbreaker has looked like an interesting game since the day it was announced, thanks to its blend of survival gameplay, action RPG mechanics, hack and slash combat, exploration, and base-building (that was a mouthful). The game’s primed to launch later this year, and for those of you who’re interested in giving it a go, there’s good news.

It’s been confirmed that when The Riftbreaker launches later this year, it will be available via Xbox Game Pass on consoles and PC right at launch. We’ve been seeing plenty of third party games coming to Xbox Game Pass day and date of late, and sure, The Riftbreaker isn’t exactly as huge as something like MLB The Show 21 or Outriders, but it’s still a pretty big deal for a game that looks as promising as this does.

Speaking of which, Exor Studios have also released a meaty new gameplay trailer for the game, showing plenty of its mechanics in action with developer commentary to go along with it. Check it out below.

The Riftbreaker is out this Fall for Xbox Series X/S, PS5, and PC, with a PS4 and Xbox One launch following at a later date.

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Oh, this very good news for the xbox players

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