Days Gone is Now Available for PC

Sony Bend Studio’s Days Gone is now available on PC for Steam and Epic Games Store. Released in 2019 for PS4, the open world action adventure title sees Deacon St. John traveling through the wilderness of Oregon, avoiding masses of infected humans and trying to survive. Along the way, he’ll search for his wife Sarah, cooperate with the local factions and unravel more about the Freakers’ origins.

Along with all of the post-launch updates like New Game Plus, Survival Mode and Challenges, various PC features have been added. Support for 4K resolution, uncapped framerates and ultra-wide monitors is provided. Level of detail, foliage and field of view have also seen improvements and there’s also a new Super Resolution Photo Mode for even higher resolution images.

Days Gone is currently available for PC through Steam and the Epic Games Store.

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Good for it being available now on PC

I Got this on the PS4 for April's PS plus game


Probably will pick this one up when it goes on sale. I've always wanted to try it but definitely not for $50 lol.

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