Battlefield 6 Leaks Continue to Flood the Internet

Battlefield 6 leaks continue to flood the Internet. The past few weeks, bits and pieces of the game's reveal trailer have surfaced online, and this week, the leaks have continued. In fact, not only have images from what appears to be the game's reveal trailer leaked, but a snippet of the trailer has also seemingly leaked. Unfortunately, none of it reveals much of consequence, but both sets of leaks are making the rounds within the Battlefield community and are being plastered all over Reddit and Twitter.

As always, there's a chance all of the media could be fake or more possibly outdated, however, Battlefield insider and leaker Tom Henderson has seemingly confirmed the validity of each leak, as have a few other leakers known in the Battlefield community.

Below, you can find links to each and every single leak. So far, EA and DICE haven't been very aggressive in taking these leaks down, but there's a chance by the time you're reading this, the links below are broken because the media has been scrubbed.

What's interesting about the leaks is they seemingly confirm the trailer has been done for -- at least -- a few weeks. Despite this, EA has opted to reveal the game in June.

There's been speculation that these are controlled leaks, which is to say, by design and straight from EA and DICE. However, there's nothing really backing up this speculation. While this does occasionally happen, it's not common.

In an era where everyone is working remotely, leaks are going to happen far more, and this has been true since the pandemic started. When it comes to leaks, Occam's razor is usually reliable.


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Yeah, but the leaks will become the official

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