Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Teases New Mission for Zombies

It looks like a hidden mission, aka the long-awaited "Easter Egg," is making its way to the Zombies Outbreak mode in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. Most Zombies maps across various Call of Duty games have included when players refer to as an Easter egg, though these are really secret missions that lead deeper into the overall lore of the Zombies story. The open-map Outbreak mode didn't include any of these big secrets when it launched, but the development teased that there would be something revealed later. It appears as though the big reveal is just around the corner.

On Wednesday, the official Treyarch Twitter account shared an image of a blueprint for a device that is designed to work with the Dark Aether Beacon, which is prominently featured in the Outbreak game mode as it transports players between maps. It reveals a new attachment to the beacon, as well as a conversation between Samantha Maxis and Sergei Ravenov. Take a look!

It's also worth noting that the actual message of the tweet mentions the start of a hunt. This is probably in reference to the Hunt for Adler, an event that began at the onset of Season 3 in Black Ops Cold War. That or it's just a nod to tracking down the source of the Aether.

This could really be a tease for anything Zombies-related, but the small print is what really connects it to Outbreak. There's a lot to read at the bottom of the image, but it essentially explains how this new device works with the Dark Aether Beacon, introducing a new wrinkle to Outbreak.

The small text at the bottom of the blueprint reads, "The Beacon Communications Receiver is designed for use with the Dark Aether 'Beacon' mechanism. Once the connection is established, the receiver enables communication through otherwise inaccessible broadcast frequencies. Perfect for emergency field use as the channel cannot be intercepted or decrypted through traditional methods."

Outbreak has been constantly changing since it arrived a few months ago, with a couple of new maps already being added to the rotating roster. This new wrinkle, however, could be its biggest change yet.

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AWESOME. Might have to play some more zombies on Black ops Cold war again.


Haven't played Zombies in about 5 years

Good to see them keeping the Zombie missions improving


I can't wait! I'm stoked, I usually do these easter eggs with friends. I'm hoping this one adds a really interesting spin.

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