New Valheim Update Released, Patch Notes Revealed

Valheim developer Iron Gate Studio has released a new patch for the popular video game today that fixes several issues and updates several others. It is not a particularly large patch, but it is always nice to see regular updates -- even small ones -- as the developers continue to work on the Early Access video game.

In terms of specific parts of the update that will likely be of interest, this patch includes the visual overhaul of the troll and bosses. The harpoon mechanics have also been overhauled. The rest of the included updates are nice, but those are likely to be the most noticeable ones.

You can check out the full patch notes for Valheim's 0.153.2 update below, straight from the source:

Fixed smelter issue when a very long time has passed since visiting (10000 days)
30s Pre world save warning added
Stone stair physics fix
Inventory screen gamepad focus fix
Large-creature visual overhaul (troll, boss-2 & boss-3)
Troll ragdoll material fix
Harpoon mechanics overhauled
Engine updated (some stability improvements)
Draugr archer visual fixes (1 & 2 star draugrs sometimes got the wrong material)
Fixed issues when crafting station is destroyed while in use
Creature group spawning adjusted to avoid spawning over total limit (in some cases)
Credits updated
Localization updates

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Great to see them fixing the patches.


Good news for the players

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