Original Xbox Dashboard Animation Now Live on Xbox Series X|S

A new dynamic background has been added for the Xbox Series X|S, and it's meant to evoke the dashboard animation of the original Xbox console. The new background was added as part of the system's latest update, and it's called "The Original." Whether you're an Xbox fan that's been with the brand since the beginning, or you're a newcomer that just happens to like the style, it's definitely an exciting new option! On social media, the new background seems to be a big hit with Xbox fans, and it seems like a lot of them will be switching from their current option to the new one, as a result.

The Verge's Tom Warren shared a video of the new theme in action, and it can be found in the Tweet embedded below. In the Tweet, Warren mentions that the theme is available for Xbox Insiders, but it should be noted that "The Original" is available for all users.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Xbox brand. It's unclear whether or not the new theme was added specifically as a celebration of that anniversary, or if it's just a neat addition meant to make long-time fans feel a bit of nostalgia. Regardless, it's a very cool inclusion, and it's completely free for players, which is even better! Of course, fans that want to take the nostalgia one step further can buy a console skin that makes the Xbox Series X look like the original system, too!

The Xbox Series X|S doesn't have a ton of options in terms of themes. Hopefully, Microsoft will add more in the future, so fans truly have a wide variety to choose from. At the end of the day, the dashboard is simply a minor step before jumping into a full game, but it is the first thing players see when they start up their console. As such, many gamers like to see something warm and inviting. "The Original" does that in a very big way!

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Still really cool to see would love to see more from the 360.


Meh! Not that exciting to have it anymore


Eh, not that interesting to me. Would be cooler if you could change the dashboard to look like the older styles or atleast like the startup animation from 360

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