Valorant New Agent 'Grenadier' Codename Potentially Leaked

Valorant Episode 2 Act 3 is underway, and players are still enjoying the new Breeze map. However, most players are disappointed that the latest Act didn’t introduce a new agent.

Riot’s FPS title, Valorant, features several amazing agents, and each of them comes with distinct abilities. Of course, gunplay is still the most important part of the gameplay, but agents’ abilities can also turn things around.

Initially, Valorant developers promised to give players one new agent in each act. However, Episode 2 Act 3 didn’t include the new agent; instead, the major highlight of the latest act is the Breeze map.

Anyway, it’s certain that Riot is working on a new Valorant agent, and some interesting information about this mysterious character has recently leaked online.

Officially, Valorant hasn’t revealed anything about the new agent, but thanks to ValorLeaks on Twitter, we do know something. Apparently, the upcoming Valorant agent is codenamed “Grenadier.”

Interestingly, Grenadier is a marine fish of the subfamily Macrourinae. And considering the tropical theme of the latest Breeze map, it’s safe to assume that the new agent will also flaunt a tropical background.

However, these are all predictions based on the leaked codename, and we can’t be sure about it unless we have more information.

Looking at the order of Valorant agents released in the past updates, it’s easy to speculate that the new agent will be a Sentinel.

‘Killjoy’ was the last Sentinel devs added to the game. After that, we got Skye (Initiator), Yoru (Duelist), and Astra (Controller). So, it’s high time for Valorant to introduce a new Sentinel in the game.

Other than that, we know absolutely nothing about the new agent. Of course, we’ll get more leaks in the coming days, and we’ll update you accordingly.

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This is going to turn out great if so.


IF ends up true, the players will be excited :D

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