GTA 6 Map - Leakers Reveal Images Of A Possible New Vice City

A post on Reddit has sent fans into a frenzy as it looks like the map for GTA 6 may have leaked way ahead of release. Now, take all this information with a pinch of salt as it looks like GTA 6 is still a long way off, the possibility of this leak being the final map for the game is slim.

However, we’ll let you be the judge of how real the leak looks, we’ve got the image of the supposed GTA 6 map right here in this article. Keep reading to find out more.

The leak first surfaced on 4 Chan, before appearing on Reddit on May 9. The post features a picture of what is claimed to be the upcoming GTA 6 map. Check out the image taken from the Reddit post below.

GTA 6 could be revisiting Vice City, as many fans have believed for a long time. The leaked image appears to show Vice City in the top right quadrant of the map, with the rest of the map having a similar shape to GTA V.

Now, this wouldn’t be the first time a map from a Rockstar developed game has leaked early. The Red Dead Redemption 2 map leaked in a similar fashion just before the announcement.

Many fans aren’t convinced that the above image is real, but the same map did leak once before and has now resurfaced with more details. This means that the map could in fact be real and with the game likely still in development, the map will have evolved since the original leak.

Again, there’s absolutely no official information from Rockstar surrounding GTA 6, meaning that the title might not even be set in Vice City.

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Motre maps for the players, the better

So, let's hope this "leak" actually becomes true for them


Wooo! New week, new leak. See you guys next week!:)


nope its not true it came from 4chan totally not legit, wait till whats his name that leaked mw reboot or a well know leaker that got mw reboot before the other guy


looks a little weird tbh anyone coulda made that tbh

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