Working PlayStation Built With LEGO Case

At this point in time, a working video game console built using something other than the usual shell it exists within isn't terribly surprising, but it is still delightful to see something like, for example, a working original PlayStation console built using LEGO bricks for the case. Over on Tiktok, PlayStation fan Anthony John Clarke has built exactly that with several in-progress videos showing how the LEGO PlayStation came into existence. And based on the most recent videos, Clarke isn't quite done yet.

Based on the various Tiktok videos, Clarke's journey started with picking up a cheap, extremely dirty PS1 that wasn't quite working right. They then took it apart to clean and fix it, confirming that it was in working order by the end of the first video. Clarke then took things a step further by placing the internals within a LEGO construction that included functioning buttons only to then show off a largely complete LEGO case, though not in the final colors that Clarke intends. You can check out the build below:


work in progress, this is the ( #Lego #PlayStation #project ) #fypシ #fyp #foryou #xyzbca #ps1 #sony

♬ Castle on the Hill (Throttle Remix) - Ed Sheeran

The #lego #playstation #project PART 2! This is not the finished product, waiting on bricks to arrive, this is just the mock up! #fyp #xyzbca #fypシ

♬ original sound - Anthony John Clarke

As of right now, the LEGO PlayStation being built by Clarke does not yet appear to be completely constructed, though it functions.

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Wow this is looking very cool! Love to see more pics.


Looks really cool, would like to see a video once it's completely finished

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