Resident Evil Village Player Figures Out Way to Reset PC Demo Timer

Capcom's latest Resident Evil Village demo only gives players one hour to enjoy it. Once the hour ends, the demo will make itself inaccessible, preventing players from accessing Resident Evil Village again until Capcom releases the full game to the world. It's unclear exactly why the developer decided to implement such a time limit, but it likely exists to suppress spoilers, as the demo allows players to freely roam around the castle and village areas.

Regardless, Village's demo exists on PC, so it took less than a few hours after launch for the PC community to nullify its timer completely, allowing them to access the demo whenever and however long they want — at least until May 9, two days after Resident Evil Village's release date. Capcom originally only planned to have this demo available for 24 hours, but changed its mind after receiving player feedback on the previous demo's lack of playtime.

A Steam user going by the name of Leaves provided detailed instructions for anyone that wants to bypass the timer themselves. They are as follows:

1. Disable Steam Cloud for RE8 Demo

2. Download Steam SAM (Steam Achievement Manager)

3. Delete Local Save Files(Located: D:Steamuserdata1541780remotewin64_saveDelete those Files.

4. Start Steam SAM

5. Select RE8 Demo

6. Remove Achievements and Stats.

7. Click confirm.

Leaves also left instructions for how to make this change permanent, meaning players don't have to constantly make these changes every time they access the Resident Evil Village demo.

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