Titanfall 2 Free Weekend Sets Concurrent Player Record on Steam

Although Respawn continues to deny any rumors or reports that a new Titanfall game is in active development, the franchise has seen a ton of love over the past week from fans. A large portion of that is owed to Respawn's other popular IP, Apex Legends, which recently revealed the latest character addition Valkyrie. Being the daughter of Viper, a major antagonist from Titanfall 2's story, Valkyrie features abilities reminiscent of the Northstar Titan class, thanks to salvaging her father's old mech and repurposing it for the Apex Games.

In addition, Season 9 reintroduces another former Titanfall 2 boss, Ash, who is back and running the new permanent 3v3 team deathmatch mode, Arenas. To celebrate all this Titanfall goodness coming to Apex Legends, the classic 2016 shooter had a free to play weekend on Steam. While the event was teased by the official Steam and Respawn social media accounts, it clearly still has a lot of love among the community, as the game experienced substantial player numbers over the weekend.

Although the game is approaching its fifth birthday, the free weekend on Steam proved that Titanfall 2 still has a lot of life within it. According to Steamcharts, Titanfall 2 experienced a spike of players over the past couple of days, breaking the game's all time concurrent peak of players at 27,547. In fact, in the month of April alone, the game managed to gain nearly 4,000 players on average, which is a 258% gain.

While it's unlikely that these numbers stay in place going forward, the surge in support shouldn't be too surprising as the community has been planning a mass return to Titanfall 2. Over the past week, player counts across all three platforms have seen a rise and community focused websites like Reddit have seen posts appearing urging players to return to the game. While many are jumping in to show support, there are more than a few hoping that this renewed support will help show Respawn and EA that a third entry in the series is warranted.

This recent surge isn't the first time that Titanfall 2 has seen an influx of players. In fact, last year saw both Titanfall games launch on Steam after being exclusive to Origin since it launched in 2016. The Steam launch essentially re-energized and revived the online community, which saw online numbers surge to 7,000 online players and earning a spot on the Top 100 most played games list. While it wasn't anywhere close to the current top games on the service, the feat was still impressive for a game that was four years old and made it a great place for new players to go and check out.

Titanfall 2 is available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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Good for en getting player record on Steam.


Maze, it sure was a soild idea


Doing a free weekend right before apex added their arena mode was a solid idea for sure

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