Mass Effect Legendary Edition Reveals Day One Update

At long last, the much-requested remaster of the Mass Effect trilogy is finally slated to release in just a few short weeks. Prior to the collection's arrival, however, we have now learned that the game will indeed contain a day one patch that users will have to download. Although the patch doesn't contain anything too notable, the size of the update itself is rather large.

This day one update (version 1.01) for Mass Effect Legendary Edition recently popped up online as it was seemingly submitted just a few days ago on April 28. The patch itself is said to be 11.8GB in total, but this is specifically for the PlayStation platform. Its size on Xbox and PC could be a bit different. As a whole, the patch is pretty big, especially since it doesn't seem to do anything drastic to the title.

For now, the basic patch notes that we have been given for this Mass Effect Legendary Edition update don't reveal any major sweeping changes. The main alterations that are rolling out in this update are said to be centered around performance and stability. Some lighting tweaks are also said to be contained here as well, with the patch notes specifically mentioning that these changes also help improve the performance of the game.

As a whole, we've become quite accustomed to downloading day one updates in recent years, so this nearly 12 GB patch for Mass Effect Legendary Edition should be pretty routine for most players. That being said, if you'd like to download it ahead of the game's full release, you should be able to get it early, assuming that you buy this remaster digitally. Those who buy it physically, however, will have to wait until they install the game via disc the day it launches.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is slated to release later this month on May 14 and will be coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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