Battlefield 6 will reportedly has day/night cycle & dynamic weather

Battlefield 6’s multiplayer maps will feature a day/night cycle and dynamic weather will play a greater role than in previous series entries, a reputable leaker has claimed.

According to influencer Tom Henderson, who has published several Battlefield 6 reports over the past months – some corroborated by journalists – DICE’s upcoming shooter will be set 10-15 years in the future and simply be called Battlefield.

In a YouTube video published earlier this week (embedded below and summarised on Reddit), Henderson claimed an upcoming Battlefield 6 reveal trailer will feature a desert island map.

“The beginning of the trailer starts off with a nice sunny blue sky and ends in a dark and rainy mess”, he said, with the battlefield transformed by a “storm / tornado”.

Players will be able to control Osprey military aircraft in the game, with seven or eight of them reportedly on display in the reveal trailer.

The trailer is said to be reflective of a wider multiplayer focus on maps with day/night cycles and dynamic weather, which is described as “a big part of the game”, which the reveal footage shows in “a spectacular way”.

Levolution was one of the headline features of Battlefield 4, with DICE describing it as “the next step in player choice, and how you affect the world, and the world affects you back”.

It included features like a skyscraper collapsing in a Battlefield 4 multiplayer map, and Henderson said Battlefield 6’s Levolution-like features will be “a part of the core game”.

He also said to expect player movement to be relatively fluid compared to previous series entries, a skill-based matchmaking system that takes into account the skill level of entire teams similar Battlefield 1, and a time to kill in line with Battlefield 5.

Helmets and armour will reportedly play a big role in the customisation side of the new game, with cosmetics like ballistic helmets and juggernaut suits.

Henderson previously said Battlefield 6 would include a revamped campaign featuring co-op, although he has since retracted that claim after suggesting the information he received was misinterpreted.

In his latest video, Henderson said he’s yet to hear anything of the game’s campaign or potential Xbox One and PS4 versions of the title.

DICE published an update on its Battlefield 6 progress on April 22, claiming the game has its biggest ever series development team and telling fans to expect a reveal soon.

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This sounds really cool

Can't wait for a preview or demo of it


I love when games have different weather cycles!! Makes it more interesting.

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