Call of Duty Warzone players want the old Gulag back

It’s only been gone a few days, but Call of Duty Warzone players are already getting nostalgic over the old Gulag map, with some players calling for its return.

The 80s version of Verdansk has a lot of notable differences to the modern day version, including a new Gulag map based on the Black Ops 2 Standoff map. This new map has been causing some controversy amongst warzone players though, as it has abandoned the simple, symmetrical layout of the original Showers Gulag map in favour of a multi-leveled layout that one users called “a maze made for campers”.

The main issue that people seem to have with the new Gulag map is the complexity of the design, which has led to numerous cheese strategies and exploits, along with the amount of places that players can hide and camp. As one Reddit user put it, “So many little corners and places to go, so there's a lot of luck. If you die, it's probably because the guy that killed you was in one of the 50 different hiding spots that you didn't check”.

Other users are annoyed with the naming conventions that Raven Software has adopted, with one irritated Redditor stating that “It’s not even a gulag anymore, it's just a multiplayer map 1v1,". It’s not all haters though, as the new Gulag map has plenty of fans too, especially those nostalgic players who have fond memories of the original Standoff map from Black Ops 2.

Call of Duty Warzone got a makeover last week with the new Verdansk84 map which saw players jump back in time to see Verdansk during its younger, more experimental phase. It wasn’t an entirely voluntary journey, as the modern day version of Verdansk was nuked into oblivion during the Warzone nuke event that closed out Warzone Season 2.

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Tusk Get rid of it. It's no longer skill.

Get rid of the game im all for that just modern warfare with cold war guns now


Awww muffins tuff luck deal with it


Yea Gulag shouldnt have ever changed the og!


Get rid of it. It's no longer skill.


It's almost like they don't test what they create

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