Warzone stat-tracking Overwolf app has been disabled on PC

Call of Duty Warzone Overwolf support has been disabled, and the team behind the app for PC players says it's working with Activision to resolve the issue.

Warzone players who use Overwolf started being greeted by an unexpected error message earlier this week, saying that Overwolf.exe "goes against Call of Duty: Warzone terms and services" and that they must close the program and restart the game to continue.

Overwolf provides a framework for developers to create mods for games, and in Warzone's case it's popularly used for live stat tracking. The mod automatically flags accounts with suspicious statistics, making it especially handy for keeping an eye out for potential cheaters in Warzone lobbies.

A post on Overwolf's official blog explains that the ban caught the company by surprise, and that it "maintains active conversations with game developers" to ensure its gaming apps never violate terms of service: "Creators, game developers and players must know without a doubt that Overwolf stands behind each and every app created on it, in total compliance with game developers."

Overwolf added that it's now working closely with Activision to resolve the issue and will provide another update when it has more information to share.

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Source: https://www.gamesradar.com/uk/call-of-duty-warzone-stat-tracking-overwolf-app-has-been-disabled-on-pc/


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