New Metal Gear Solid Announcement Could be coming

Strange things continue to transpire related to the Metal Gear Solid franchise. Within recent weeks, a new Twitter account that is seemingly associated with the property (and perhaps Konami) has been making a number of vague tweets that hint at an upcoming event. Although the Twitter account in question could just be having fun, a recent message points to something big happening within the coming week.

The account in question simply goes by the name of Tom Olsen and is meant to represent the tweets of a person that works at Big Shell, the primary locale found within Metal Gear Solid 2: Sony of Liberty. Over the past month or so, Olsen has been tweeting a number of messages that simply talk about what it's like to work at Big Shell along with some other tweets that are a bit more confusing. In Olsen's latest message, he says that the in-universe president from Metal Gear Solid 2 will be visiting Big Shell within the coming week. "Next week's going to be an adventure, for sure!" says the newest tweet.

Of course, the fact that an account that is seemingly being run by Konami is tweeting about new things happening within the next week surely raises a lot of eyebrows. Although Konami in a formal capacity hasn't indicated that anything major will be announced soon, some fans have already taken these tweets from the Tom Olsen account to imply that a reveal of some sort related to Metal Gear Solid is in the cards.

That being said, this could just be something else entirely. One possibility is that we end up seeing more of the events from Metal Gear Solid 2 play out from the perspective of someone who is tweeting about it. For those that haven't played the game, the events of MGS2 (at least the Big Shell portion of the game) don't really kick off until the president visits the facility.

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