Resident Evil Village: New Castle Demo Details Revealed

Resident Evil Village is kicking off its second main demo for the new game on Saturday, a demo that’ll take players to a location different from the one visited last week. This second demo will walk players through the doors of Castle Dimitrescu instead of into the Village area where they’ll find some halls filled with grandeur and spooky dungeons beneath the main living spaces. The demo has some restrictions just like the first one, however, so not everyone will be able to play, and those who can play will only be able to spend a limited amount of time in the castle.

To prep players for the halls of Castle Dimitrescu and what they’ll find within, PlayStation and Capcom shared the trailer below that shows a redone version of parts of the game we’ve already seen. Tsuyoshi Kanda, the producer working on Resident Evil Village, shared some insights into the domain of the tall vampire lady, Lady Dimitrescu, and the goals the team had when creating the setting that differs so greatly from the rundown Village.

“When you first step into the castle, you may immediately feel the contrast between the decrepit village of the first early access experience to its regal interior,” Kanda said. “One of the major motifs of this area, and the game in general, was creating environments filled with beauty. When players aren’t running for their lives, we wanted to create a setting that they could enjoy by venturing through and slowly taking in all the sights and scenes.”

If you’ve played the Maiden demo, the first one for Resident Evil Village which was available only on the PlayStation 5, you’ll already be acquainted with some other parts of this castle that Kanda warns about. That underground position our lead in the Maiden had to traverse rests beneath the castle’s main living spaces, and considering how Kanda referenced that place in the PlayStation Blog post about the new demo, there’s a good chance players will be able to visit that grim area on Saturday.

Of course, you’ll probably only be able to find it if you don’t get too caught up in patrolling the halls of Castle Dimitrescu and taking in the sights. That’s because this demo only gives players 30 minutes of playtime just like the last one did, so you’ll have to move quickly once you’re in if you want to see what the demo has to offer. This demo is also only available on the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 and won’t be playable on other platforms, so all non-PlayStation players will have to wait for next week’s demo to try Resident Evil Village out for the first time.

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