Nintendo Switch Gets Another Mysterious Update

A new Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite update has been released, and we have no clue what it does. Switch and Switch Lite users, as of last night, can download a brand new firmware update -- version 12.0.1 -- but there's no way of knowing what the update does other than "improve system stability," which of course is very vague. What makes this update odder is it comes right after a major update -- 12.0.0 -- where Nintendo also refused to disclose what the update did, at least in its entirety.

The patch notes of that update revealed next to nothing, but the files of the update revealed a variety of salient information. For example, the update added files possibly hinting at a Nintendo Switch Pro and a fairly huge feature players have been asking for since launch. Unfortunately, the former is inconclusive and the latter is currently inaccessible, but that's not the point. The point is the update did far more than Nintendo outlined in the update's official patch notes. Could that be the case here? Well, only time will tell, but it's unlikely all this update does is improve stability.

Nintendo hasn't released a major and consequential firmware update for the pair of consoles since November, and that may be because it's preparing for the Nintendo Switch Pro, which is the subject of an increasing number of rumors, reports, and leaks.

If Nintendo provides any further information on this new update, we will be sure to update the story accordingly. Further, if dataminers find anything interesting, we will update you with everything you need to know. Right now, not much of note has been discovered, but it's still early.

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Should be able to hear more soon theyll release.

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