Modder Increases PS3 Controller Rumble To Earthquake Level

There is currently an abundance of mods, both physical and software-based, to enhance gameplay from a variety of titles. While many of these adjustments inch fans’ experience closer to the real thing, one modder has taken modifications to the extreme with enhanced controller rumble.

The PS5 has taken video game technology to a whole new level, particularly with its DualSense controller, and Sony’s newest update has given previous owners of the PS4 something else to commend its successor for. The update has added a rumble option to the current system’s DualSense controller, which activates when you play PS4 titles that are backwards compatible. As PS4 users begin to feel even more at home playing the PS5, people who used to own a PS2 may not feel the same about this other rumble mod.

YouTuber Teenenggr posted a video of their rumble mod for the PS3 controller, and the results are quite earth-shattering - literally. The modder can be seen connecting a massive engine to the controller through some clever circuiting, causing the controller’s rumble to simulate something close to an earthquake. The high-powered engine causes the modder’s desk to violently vibrate whenever a gun is used in-game, prompting the modder to add the disclaimer: “You will think twice before wasting bullets while gaming." Fans of the prototype applauded the modder’s efforts in building a realistic simulation of what one should be feeling when firing an automatic weapon.

The modder’s build is just as impressive as it is comical, even though most people would find it more of a distraction - since the creator had to tape their monitor to the desk. A more subtle approach to making gameplay more realistic exists in the PS5 controller’s haptic feedback, which was actually created by the same engineers who built the Nintendo Switch’s HD rumble within the Joy-Cons.

On the software side of modding, Kingdom Hearts 3 has finally had its repetitive lines removed by the new “No More Ingredients” mod. Sora, Donald, and Goofy no longer have to repeat themselves when they suspect ingredients are close by, much to the relief of Kingdom Hearts fans who were approaching astronomical levels of agitation.

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when he tabbed out to google is when I started crying lol


that thumbnail just looks scary before watching!


This is absolutely insane lololol that is awesome. Mount it to the house for stability and let the neighbors know you are playing!


When he tabbed out to google was the best part lmao

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