Skate 4 New Feature Possibly Revealed by Insider

Skate 4 is officially a game that Electronic Arts is working on. Outside of this fact, though, there's essentially nothing that we know about the upcoming installment in the beloved skateboarding series. Although EA has yet to say anything substantial about the next iteration in one of the publisher's most popular franchises, it seems as though we've now learned of one potential feature that could be appearing in the game.

Known video game insider Tom Henderson recently shared some new potential information related to Skate 4 today, which could give us an idea of what mode in the game might look like. Henderson seemed to reveal that the Bone Breaker mode that was seen in Skate 3 will be appearing once again in Skate 4, but it will potentially be much more gruesome. In particular, Henderson likened Skate 4's iteration of the mode as one that will have more in common with the X-ray shots that appear in the Sniper Elite franchise. Because of this, it seems like Skate 4 could show bones snapping in greater detail than ever before.

Although Henderson's track record is usually quite credible, this tweet about Skate 4 does come with a pretty big caveat. Typically, Henderson is more well-known for his coverage of the Call of Duty and Battlefield franchises, meaning that he's usually not someone who is actively sharing much about Skate. As such, it's harder to know for certain if what he's saying here will be accurate. With that in mind, take this with a grain of salt as you would with any other leak or rumor.

Skate 4 is still very early on in development according to EA, which means we likely won't see the game actually hit store shelves for a few more years. When it does, though, it will almost surely be dropping on all current-generation platforms which includes PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC.

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