The Last of Us 2 DLC may have been planned, no longer in development

The Last of Us 2 DLC was reportedly in the works, but the project never fully materialised according to Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier.

Speaking on the MinnMax Show, Schreier discussed the projects that Naughty Dog staff are working on while they wait for the studio's next major project to leave pre-production. Some of them are working on a multiplayer project understood to be The Last of Us 2 multiplayer, while others have reportedly been moved to help out with The Last of Us PS5 remake.

According to Schreier, however, there are currently no plans to expand on The Last of Us 2. "I believe at one point [Naughty Dog] was thinking about DLC, but I don't think that happened." It's not clear what stage of production the additional content may have been in, and Schreier does say that the studio "may still do something," but it sounds as though the project has been shelved, at least for now.

That's roughly in line with what Naughty Dog has said in the past - back in June, co-president Neil Druckmann said that there were "no plans" for DLC for the sequel. That said, it's still something of a surprise that the studio would be steering away from extra narrative content, particularly given the original game's Left Behind DLC, and the increased breadth of characters that sequel DLC could draw from.

Schreier himself says that there's plenty of opportunity for Naughty Dog to change its mind, although almost a year on from release the potential window for add-on content could be closing. Either way, it's worth remembering that this is far from an official announcement, and in lieu of word from Naughty Dog or Sony, the success of The Last of Us means that anything is possible.

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