Xbox Insider Sheds Light on Rumored Kojima Deal

Within the past week, a major new report emerged stating that world-renowned video game creator Hideo Kojima might be looking to partner with Xbox on his next title. Although the deal between the two parties was said to potentially not be finished just yet, it sounds like things could be moving in that direction quickly. Now, one other Xbox insider has shared details on what they have heard about this partnership in the past.

Shared on the latest episode of The XboxEra podcast, host Nick Baker said that he believes Hideo Kojima first approached Sony and PlayStation about the idea of working together once again. Since the two entities had already worked with one another on Death Stranding, it seems Kojima was looking to continue that collaboration with his next game. However, those in charge at PlayStation weren't keen on the idea, apparently. Baker said that due to the rather moderate sales that Death Stranding had on PlayStation 4, Sony wasn't interested in teaming up with Kojima once again.

Baker went on to say that Google and Stadia were also looking to partner with Kojima, which is actually something we have heard about before. A report that came about earlier in 2021 suggested the same thing in regards to Google and Kojima. However, that partnership also ended up falling through, perhaps due to changes that Google decided to make with its own creation of games for Stadia.

If this is all to be believed, this seems to be how Kojima has now found himself in talks with Xbox to work on his next game. Although Xbox may have not been the company he first pitched this new idea to, I would imagine that those over at Microsoft are quite pleased to be potentially collaborating with the Metal Gear Solid creator. Such a partnership is something that would surely garner the attention of many gaming fans from around the globe.

As a whole, keep in mind that none of these details have been verified outright, so take everything that is being expressed with a grain of salt for the time being. If Kojima does end up working with Xbox in the future, though, that might be something we hear more about later on in 2021.

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