The Last of Us PS5 Remake Report Met With Backlash

A new report emerged earlier today stating that Naughty Dog is currently in the process of working on a remake of the original The Last of Us game for PlayStation 5. Although the project was one that was initially worked on by a team outside of Naughty Dog, it has since been passed off to the studio that creating the original game. And despite how much many fans might love that title, it seems that almost no one believes a remake of The Last of Us is something that needs to happen.

A quick perusal through social media today has shown that virtually all fans of The Last of Us believe that the original game still holds up perfectly fine until this day and doesn't need to be remade. As of this writing, The Last of Us itself isn't even eight years old, which is why many are so baffled to hear about Sony moving in this direction. Most remakes that we tend to see come about in the video game space are for titles that are well over a decade old, at the very least.

The situation has proven to be yet another where many fans are also starting to doubt PlayStation's course for the future. Off the back of other negative news in recent months that has included the forthcoming shutdown of the PS3, PSP, and Vita storefronts, the inability to acquire a PS5, and the addition of PlayStation-exclusive titles to platforms like PC and Xbox Game Pass, it seems that many are beginning to wonder what plans Sony even has for the future.

It remains to be seen if Naughty Dog and PlayStation actually ever end up releasing a remake of The Last of Us, but according to most fans, the developer should move on to working on something else entirely. What do you think of this situation?

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hmm i wonder why, maybe because the part 2 was a horrible idea to kill joel off and maybe they shouldnt bend the knee and putting lgbt in the game(people say they hate politics but want lgbt and other leftist sh*t in games)

that said we really dont need to ruin the original game that was amazing, they would make joel's daughter a lesbian date a girl that joel didnt want to take care of until the end.

we already have a remastered version

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