Destroy All Humans! Announced for Nintendo Switch

Following its release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC last summer, THQ Nordic has now announced that its remake of the beloved action-adventure game Destroy All Humans! will now be coming to Nintendo Switch. While that announcement on its own is surely enough to get many fans excited, better yet, the game's release isn't too far off, either.

THQ made today's announcement for Destroy All Humans! via a new trailer for the game that showed it off running on Nintendo Switch. Even though the Switch intrinsically has less power compared to the other major consoles on the market, Destroy All Humans! still looks quite good on the platform and doesn't seem to have taken much of a hit in terms of graphics or performance. At the trailer's conclusion, it was revealed that this remake will come to Nintendo Switch this summer on June 29, 2021.

When it comes to any other specific goodies with this release of Destroy All Humans!, there doesn't seem to be anything else of note. THQ Nordic revealed that a skin pack will come with the game, which will allow players to swap out the costumes that Crypto can wear in-game. Otherwise, this mainly seems to be the exact same game that we saw released last year, which is to be expected.

While this might seem like the biggest news associated with Destroy All Humans! at the moment, developer Black Forest Games could be hard at work on something else. Not long ago, a new tease emerged seemingly indicating that a remake of Destroy All Humans 2 is also in the works. As of this writing, however, this hasn't been confirmed in an official capacity by THQ Nordic just yet.

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