Halo 3 Just Got A New Map In MCC, 13 Years Later

Halo: The Master Chief Collection is now up to its sixth season, delivering a host of fresh content to the compilation of classic Halo games across Xbox consoles and PC.

Perhaps the most interesting addition of Season 6 Raven - celebrating the ODST Fireteam Raven - is the new Waterfall map. Incoming after its testing session in recent Insider flights, Waterfall is a Halo Online map that is now available in Halo 3 for custom games. The map is slated to enter the regular rotation once 343 Industries deems it ready following more player feedback.

Meanwhile, the studio has added another method for unlocking cosmetics, The Exchange. This is a store of sorts that deals in Season Points that players may have stockpiled, where items from previous seasons, limited-time events, and exclusive cosmetics can be claimed.

Also included in the free update are 100 new tiers of cosmetic content for unlocking, including animated visors and back accessories, plus the ability to change teams in custom games, mouse and keyboard support for all Xbox consoles, expanded audio and accessibility options, and a whole load of bug fixes. See the complete changelog here.

Unfortunately, the custom game browser, view model offset, and the other tested Halo Online map Edge have not made it into this update. 343 Industries is still polishing these elements following the last Insider update, so the features should show up sometime later down the line.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection Season 6 Raven will run for two months starting today, and the rather hefty update (up to 55GB in size) is now available for all players across PC (Steam and Microsoft Store), Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S players, and Xbox Game Pass.

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Source: https://www.neowin.net/news/halo-mcc-season-6-now-available-with-a-new-halo-3-map-unlocks-and-more/


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