Apex Legends Adding Long-Awaited Feature Soon

Apex Legends is adding a long-awaited feature soon, according to one developer on the Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X game. Since the release of Apex Legends, players have been begging Respawn and EA to add a variety of features. Slowly, but surely, some of these have been added, but others remain absent. One of these is private matches. Thankfully for those holding out for this addition, it's coming soon.

According to game director Chad Grenier, private matches are coming in the near future, but unfortunately, Grenier doesn't provide any specifics. Right now, it's unclear if it's coming this season or if it's something coming for Season 9. And of course, there's the possibility it won't be added to even later.

"As of a couple of weeks ago, we made that support [for tournament mode] crossplay as well, so it can be used on console and on PC or even a mixed lobby using crossplay," said Grenier. "We have a separate effort that we’re doing to make it go public. I do not have a timeline, but we’re trying to make that go as quickly as possible... where we offer the private match feature available for anybody who plays Apex.”

Grenier continued, noting it's not as easy to implement as some players may think:

“Again, it’s not as simple as just turning that feature on and making it go public. There’s some work in the backend we have to do to make it to scale... but we’re doing that work. It’s hard to give dates, but we’re hoping that sometime soon we’ll have private matches across all platforms and you can play different games or you can organize your own events without having to ask us for a code and have an official event happening. So yeah, stay tuned.”

Again, "soon" is very vague and subjective, but you'd assume this is coming sometime this season or next because, at the very least, it sounds like it's a priority for the team.

Apex Legends is available, for free, via current and last-gen consoles, plus PC.

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