Could Halo Infinite Be Coming to PS5? New Theory Has Fans Speculating

Could Halo Infinite be coming to PS4 and PS5? It seems like an outlandish theory, but it's one on the mind of many after this morning's Xbox Game Pass news. A few hours ago, Xbox shocked many when it revealed that MLB The Show 21 -- a PlayStation-developed series coming to Xbox for the first time ever this year -- is coming to Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate the day it releases. What makes this offer even wilder is that there's no such offer through PlayStation Plus or PlayStation Now. This means, at launch, while PlayStation fans will be paying $70 to play the game, many Xbox users won't be paying a dime more than what they already pay for Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which cost $10 and $15 a month, respectively. As you would expect, the announcement has been met with A LOT of backlash from PlayStation fans.

It's an announcement that has also raised an interesting question: what will Sony get -- if anything -- in return? Well, since Sony isn't technically publishing the game on Xbox, the answer may be nothing, but you'd assume if Sony had any involvement in this deal, it's going to get something back in return other than a fat stack of cash that it really doesn't need at cost of what this announcement costs it.

That said, there's not much Xbox has that PlayStation will want, especially in relation to what's being given up. MLB The Show 21 is a huge game for Sony. While it may not be as glamorous as Ghost of Tsushima or Uncharted 4, it's one of PlayStation's best-selling series. Further, the Xbox Game Pass announcement is a huge PR black eye for Sony.

If Sony bargained to get anything in return -- emphasis on if, because we don't know how this deal came to be -- one of the more obvious candidates for what it would ask in return would be Halo Infinite, or more specifically, Halo Infinite multiplayer, which will be free-to-play. While Xbox has no real reason to release the base game on PS4 and PS5, getting the free-to-play and standalone multiplayer on these consoles makes a lot of sense.

Over on Twitter, industry insider, Shpeshal Ed floated out this idea, and while some have taken it as a hint at what may be coming, it appears the insider is just spitballing. That said, while it may only be a spitball, it has PlayStation fans speculating.

What makes this speculation interesting is it's not unreasonable. Over the years, sources like Colin Moriarty and others have claimed that there were talks between Xbox and PlayStation about bringing Halo to PS4.

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BWAHAHA Doubt it. Just doesn't seem likely for a game hardly anyone cares for (MLB) to have an offer like Halo.


The reason Sony is bringing mlb to Xbox they had no choice cuz the mlb made them do it the ones who own baseball


GRlZ I hope Halo stays Microsoft exclusive unless they trade some good exclusives.

i mean they have no more exclusives since all their games on steam anyways, and they want to bring their games to other platforms, so if it goes on playstation its still a microsoft exclusive


I hope Halo stays Microsoft exclusive unless they trade some good exclusives.


If anything, would most likely be Forza free for ps plus users

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