Free-to-play PUBG Lite is shutting down in April

Krafton has announced that it will close PUBG Lite in April.

A free-to-play, low-spec adaptation of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, the game launched in open beta in January 2019.

In addition to PUBG’s standard 100-player battle royale mode, PUBG Lite has offered a 4v4 mode in which two teams fight to reach 40 eliminations.

It has included free and premium season passes and has an in-game currency called L-Coin which can be used to purchase exclusive items.

New downloads are no longer available as of March 30, with the game’s end of service scheduled for April 29. Player support will then be withdrawn on May 29.

Players will be able to continue playing the game and spending in-game credits, including L-Coin, until the shutdown date.

“We would like to convey our sincerest apology as well as our deepest appreciation to everyone,” Krafton added. “We truly hope you have enjoyed your time with us and please look forward to our future endeavors.”

PUBG Season 11 launched today on PC and hits consoles on April 8. It brings back Paramo, the 3×3 South American highlands map first introduced with Season 9 in October 2020, and introduces a new transport tool, the Emergency Pickup item.

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