Epic Games Store Is Adding Several Social Features This Month

The Epic Games Store is improving its social systems this month with new features being added for users to take advantage of. Things like Player Cards that’ll show quick overviews of people you’re friends with will be added with a set of actions associated with them to start before more are added later. Epic Games also looked ahead to the future of the Epic Games Store’s social systems and named a couple of features it plans to add at some point.

As for this month, Epic Games has four different features it plans on adding. Those are the Player Cards mentioned previously, an improved search system when it comes to looking for people to befriend, a minimized view of the Epic Games Store’s social panel, and a “Do Not Disturb” option that’ll let you play undeterred by invites and other social messages from others.

The Players Cards seem like they’ll be one of the best features added this month that’ll allow players to have an easier time connecting with one another. A preview of the feature showed a person’s name as well as their icon, the game they’re playing at the moment, and a list of connected accounts that person’s set up. Epic Games said that in the future, it’ll add options that allow you to invite them to a party or to customize your own Player Card.

“Player Cards are coming! Clicking on a friend in the Social Panel will pull up their Player Card and give you multiple new options,” Epic Games said about the new feature. “Viewing the card will allow the player to take important actions to manage their friendship and see mutual friends. In the future, you’ll also be able to join their party, invite them to a new party, and even customize your Player Card.”

For the times when you’re not feeling too social, the Do Not Disturb feature seems like it’ll be the next best thing on the list of features to come. It’s a feature most other platforms have which one would’ve expected the Epic Games Store would have already, but it’s at least coming this month.

One feature is being taken away this month as well. Epic Games said it’s vaulting the Whispers feature and hopes to bring it back later “with improved functionality.”

Looking ahead to the future, Epic Games listed a couple of other features it wants to add. Those included a Party System Intro that’ll improve parties overall, a Party Window that’ll show the party and its members players are currently in, the ability to drop in and out of parties without having to start a new one should the owner leave, and the ability to have the Party Window displayed in-game.

A release date for this month’s features was not given.

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