PlayStation Direct Opens Queue for PS5 Restock

Just after refreshing its stock earlier in the week, PlayStation has more PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 5 Digital consoles to part with through its PlayStation Direct marketplace. Following the new standard for conducting these sorts of restocks, the PlayStation Direct site now features a waiting room queue for people to spend time in before they’re randomly assigned a spot in the main queue. These sorts of restocks never last long, however, so those hoping to secure a PlayStation 5 will want to act fast to make sure they don’t miss their chance.

Most people who’ve been keeping eyes on the PlayStation Direct stock announcements for the PlayStation 5 may have spotted queues like these in the past that open up and give would-be console owners a chance to secure a place in line before the stock officially goes on sale. You can put yourself in line for the PlayStation Direct store by going here. Just be sure that you have y our PlayStation Network ID handy and your payment information ready so you don't get hung up at the end of the transaction.

This new process is a continued change from what we’re used to seeing from PlayStation Direct. Instead of just opening the queue up at random and leaving people to wait in line for a while only to find the consoles sold out when you’re admitted to the online store, this waiting room before the queue gives people a countdown for when the real queue starts. Once that happens, assuming you were already in the waiting room, you get plopped into a random spot within the main queue.

The idea behind the change, presumably, is to further cut down on the prevalence of bots and scalpers scooping up the PlayStation 5 consoles as soon as they’re available. Instead of rewarding those who plant themselves on the PlayStation Direct store at all times to get in the queues as soon as they start, this new system puts waiters in a random spot in the main queue so that no matter how long you were waiting prior to the queue starting, you have a decent shot at getting the PlayStation 5. You still have to sign into your PSN account to purchase either version of the console though, so make sure you have that info handy to expedite the process.

The PlayStation Direct queue will officially be underway soon, so be sure to hop in now while you can if you still need a PlayStation 5.

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im not sure why people have such issues getting one i have had plenty of friends get one by now

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