A mysterious Bloodborne PS5 listing is apparently a bug

A PS5 version of Bloodborne has reportedly been appearing for several users around the world, but there's a high chance it's a bug.

Over the weekend, a user on Twitter noted that a PS5 version of Bloodborne was available on Sony's next-gen console. As you can see below, the user in question doesn't really know what to make of a PS5 version of FromSoftware's excellent game suddenly appearing out of nowhere on their console.

FromSoftware expert modder Lance McDonald chimed in on Twitter, noting that he had previously noticed this on his PS5, and received a similar notification that a next-gen version of Bloodborne was apparently available. However, according to McDonald, this is likely a visual bug, and only happens with SKDs (software development kits), further pointing to the version being nothing more than a bug.

This is far from the first time there's been mention of a next-gen version of Bloodborne in the works. Previously in September 2020, a French retailer listed a PS5 version of Bloodborne, although the listing was taken down shortly after it was noticed, and nothing ever came of the pre-orders for the unannounced game.

In fact, it's McDonald's fantastic work with Bloodborne that's in part to thank for why there's so much fervent anticipation around FromSoftware's game potentially getting a PS5 port. After working on a 60 frames per second mod for Bloodborne for the better part of a year, McDonald released the patch for all PS4 users earlier this year, allowing FromSoftware's game to run at a stable 60FPS for the first time. Users are hoping that FromSoftware's takes note of this, and makes it official with a next-gen version.

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Source: https://www.gamesradar.com/uk/a-mysterious-bloodborne-ps5-listing-is-apparently-a-bug/


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looks just to be the backwards compat to me but its weird that it showed ps5 instead but that doesnt mean its gonna be remastered for it

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