Xbox confirms not every game releasing this year has been announced

Xbox’s director of program management says that fans are yet to see every Xbox Series X release due this year.

In an episode of The Iron Lords podcast, when asked what games he is looking forward to this year, director Jason Ronald replied that “not every game releasing this year has been announced yet.” Leading many people to theorise what else Microsoft and Xbox may have up their sleeves.

The podcast episode, which was also shared on Reddit has left fans speculating in the comments about what other titles Xbox could announce this year, with one fan suggesting that “It's probably the rumoured (Forza Horizon) 5 or Wolfenstein,” and another guessing that “on a smaller note I'd also expect to see Modern Warfare 3 Campaign Remastered from Activision in the next couple months.”

Ronald also said in the interview: “I’ve seen lots of things internally that I’m very excited for everybody to see later this year.” The Xbox employee was also asked, “what technical aspect of the Xbox Series X will have the most impact on new games, moving forward through the generation?” To which he responded: “we’re just scratching the surface of what’s actually possible with these next-generation consoles” noting that “I cannot be more excited by the games that have already released, but definitely some of the games that are still in development.”

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Hope to hear more soon about the games not listed.

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