Call of Duty: Warzone Teases Incoming Zombies Event

Call of Duty: Warzone’s latest teaser shared this week appears to be hinting at a larger Zombies crossover event that’ll take place across Verdansk. The zombies on the battle royale map so far have only been limited to the Shipwreck point of interest, but the teaser showing a faux news report shows the undead leaving that area. This sort of teaser also coincides neatly with some of the leaks we’ve seen recently that suggested an all-out war between Warzone combatants and zombies may be coming.

The latest teaser shared by the official Call of Duty account showed a “news” segment where a reporter was on the scene above the Shipwreck location to keep an eye on the zombies. Just as the undead started leaving the area, the helicopter was shot down, so we didn’t get much more reporting out of the news briefing. This’ll likely just be the first of several teasers to come, however, so it shouldn’t be long before we know more about how the Zombies mode will interact with Warzone.

There have been signs all along that this sort of thing would happen where the zombies spread across the map. The start of Warzone’s Season Twowelcomed zombies to the Shipwreck site and tasked players with certain challenges related to the zombies should they be up for the task. Activision’s preview of the zombie invasion said the undead could only be found at Shipwreck “for now” which first hinted at them spreading across Verdansk.

Aside from that teaser, Warzone players always have their trusty leaks to rely on for guidance about what’s coming to the game next. Those leaks have lately been centered around a “Plague” event of some sort which sure sounds like it’ll have a lot to do with the zombies. Some leaked voice lines have referenced players needing to cleanse Verdansk of some threat to avoid being overrun with references to nukes popping up several times in those files. It’s thought that the zombie invasion will inevitably lead to a nuke going off on Verdansk that’ll either change the map dramatically or lead to a new map overall, though those are just theories stemming from the leaks at this point.

Expect to see more teasers from the Call of Duty account soon as we move closer towards the inevitable spread of the zombies.

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