Gears of War Studio Begins Staffing Up for Next Big Game

The Coalition, which is the developer at Xbox Game Studios that is dedicated to working on the Gears of War franchise, looks to be in the early stages of creating the next major installment in the long-running series. While not outright said by the studio, the sheer number of new roles that are being hired for at the company tells us that big things look to be happening.

Outlined on The Coalition's website, a number of new full-time and contract positions have recently become available at the studio. The jobs cover quite a bit of ground and include everything from art, animation, and community manager roles. And based on some of the finer descriptions seen in some of the positions, it makes it clear that The Coalition is very much hiring to push "the Gears franchise to new heights".

Even though Gears 5 is still very much being supported by The Coalition, it wouldn't be too shocking at all to know that the studio is already beginning to work on the sixth mainline installment in the series. Based on how Gears 5 wrapped up, it seemed apparent that a new sequel would come about down the road. And while these new roles might not specifically be for Gears of War 6, now seems to be about the time in which that project would start to kick into high gear (pun intended). Gears 5 released nearly two years ago at this point, which means that The Coalition surely has ideas by now of what it would like to do next in the franchise.

There's also a fair chance that, whatever comes next in the Gears of War series, it will be tied solely to next-gen hardware. While Gears 5 and Gears Tactics were both available on Xbox One, any future projects in the franchise will likely appear only on Xbox Series X/S and PC. As such, it should be quite exciting to see what the next generation of Gears will look like down the road.

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