Resident Evil Village Will Be Censored For Some Players

When Resident Evil Village, also known as Resident Evil 8, releases in May via the PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S it will be censored, at least for some. Between its violence, gore, horror themes, and sexual content, the Resident Evil series earns its M-for-Mature rating. However, in some places, it's too mature. This week, Capcon confirmed that it will need to censor the game for release in Japan in order to adhere to the country's rating board.

According to Capcom, the Japanese version of the game will technically be different in order to meet the requirements of the country’s Computer Entertainment Rating Organization, however, it also ensures Japanese players that there “basically no difference in the game content from the overseas version." Of course, the emphasis here is on "basically."

As you may know, while sexual content has never really been an issue in Japan, especially compared to the United States, CERO does have some fairly strict rules when it comes to violence, and in particular, dismemberment. As a result, there will be no decapitation in the Japanese version, and there will also be less blood compared to other versions of the game.

To get around some of these restrictions, there will be two different versions of the game in Japan, one of which is adults-only, a rating many publishers try to avoid due to the ramifications it has on commercial success. However, even the adult version still won't have decapitations and it will also still have less blood as well.

Capcom also warns that certain scenes will be removed or edited for release in Japan, but right now, further details on what the scenes are and what changes are being made haven't been divulged.

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