Minecraft Bedrock Beta Adds New Caves & Cliffs Biomes

Minecraft’s Bedrock Edition got a new beta update this week to allow players to test out some of the features planned for the Caves & Cliffs update. Through this latest beta release, the mountainous biomes have been updated to be taller and therefore more perilous than ever before. Miniature biomes also exist within these mountainous regions to give players different experiences no matter how many peaks they climb while exploring the new content.

Most of the updates we’ve seen release that include the Caves & Cliffs content have been limited to Snapshots which meant that only Minecraft players using the Java Edition of the game could try them out. This one, however, is available in the Bedrock Edition with the latest release available on the Xbox One, Windows 10 PC, and Android devices.

“Pack your inventory with rations and a solid pair of leather boots because there’s a new landform to explore in the latest version of our Bedrock Beta: cooler, taller mountains,” Mojang said about the beta release. “That’s right, mountains are now exactly 271% more majestic, but also 184% more dangerous. Not only can you fall from greater heights, but you still have to watch out for powder snow and goats! At least the view is worth it? Unless you’re like me and the mere thought of extreme heights makes your palms sweat. Luckily, these mountains are also great to look at!”

In addition to the taller mountains and more mountains in general, Mojang also addressed the sub-biomes that’ll appear up in the mountain ranges. “Lofty peaks, snow capped peaks, snowy slopes, mountain groves, and mountain meadows” were a few of the mini biomes mentioned that players will be able to explore. For those who’ve been keeping an eye on those Java Snapshots and have seen the content released there over time, you may also recognize the return of the Glow Squid which is now in the beta.

Minecraft’s latest beta release is now available in the Bedrock Edition and can be explored by enabling the “Caves & Cliffs” option within the game’s experimental features section when you’re creating a new world.

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