Epic Games acquires Fall Guys studio Mediatonic

Epic Games has acquired Tonic Games Group, the parent company of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout studio Mediatonic, for an undisclosed sum.

In an update on Epic’s website, the studio’s new owner said Fall Guys “gameplay isn’t changing” and that it will continue to support the title across platforms.

And in a separate FAQ, Mediatonic confirmed that the Steam version of Fall Guys will remain purchasable and receive future updates.

The developer said it wants to bring several features offered in Epic titles Fortnite and Rocket League to Fall Guys too.

“Fortnite and Rocket League already have tons of features we’d love to bring to Fall Guys—account systems, cross-play, squad vs squad modes, etc…We’re going to work hard on bringing more of these features to Fall Guys too!”

Mediatonic also raised the subject of the game potentially adopting a free-to-play model like Epic’s aforementioned titles, stating: “Nothing to announce right now!”

Fall Guys released for Steam and PS4 in August 2020, with the console version available free for PlayStation Plus members that month.

It quickly became the most downloaded PS Plus title of all time and has sold over 11 million copies on PC, according to Mediatonic.

It was announced in February that the chaotic battle royale game will be released for Nintendo Switch and Xbox consoles this summer.

“At Tonic Games Group we often say that ‘everyone deserves a game that feels like it was made for them.’ With Epic, we feel like we have found a home that was made for us,” Tonic Games co-founder and CEO Dave Bailey said.

“They share our mission to build and support games that have a positive impact, empower others and stand the test of time and we couldn’t be more excited to be joining forces with their team.”

Epic founder and CEO Tim Sweeney also commented: “It’s no secret that Epic is invested in building the metaverse and Tonic Games shares this goal. As Epic works to build this virtual future, we need great creative talent who know how to build powerful games, content and experiences.”

Fall Guys Season 3, Winter Knockout, launched in December, introducing seven new rounds, fresh obstacles and dozens of costumes. Its mid-season update arrived in late January, adding a new level, 40 variations to existing courses, plus fresh DLC and costumes.

Mediatonic recently confirmed that the last-man-standing game will be “traveling to the future” when Fall Guys Season 4 launches “soon”.

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