Xbox Event Date For March Reportedly Revealed

Reports have been coming about over the past week that Xbox is planning to hold some sort of gaming event in March that will take place after Microsoft formally acquires ZeniMax Media and its subsidiary, Bethesda Softworks. Details about what will be talked about at the event haven’t really come about, although it does seem like we now have an idea of when it will be taking place.

Coming by way of Paul Thurrott over on Twitter, it was said that Microsoft is tentatively planning to hold this Xbox gaming event on Tuesday, March 23. Thurrott didn’t share the exact source from which he received this date, but he seemed to be quite definite about the information. The event is also supposedly going to be the first of a series at Microsoft, with another taking place soon after that will be dedicated to Windows.

While we would usually tell you to take this information with a pretty major grain of salt given that it’s only coming from one location at the moment, Thurrott is actually an incredibly reliable source when it comes to all things Microsoft. Even though things could surely change within the next few days or weeks over at Xbox, if this is the date that Thurrott has heard that is being attached to this gaming event, there’s a good chance that this is when it will occur.

Sadly, a date alone isn’t much to go off of here which means many questions will surely continue to linger. Some have said that this event will largely focus on how Bethesda plans to fit into the Xbox Game Studios structure moving forward, but there's always the chance that we could see more of what the company as a whole has coming up in the future.

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