Final Fantasy 7 Remake is officially coming to PS5

Square Enix has announced Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade, a PlayStation 5 update for last year’s RPG.

Set for release on June 10, Intergrade will feature improved visuals, significantly faster loading times, a Photo Mode, haptic feedback and a new episode featuring character Yuffie.

In the new episode, players take the role of ninja Yuffie Kisaragi as she infiltrates the Shinra corporation to steal a powerful Materia and restore glory to her homeland.

Graphics improvements include higher resolution textures, fog effects and improved lighting. Players will be able to choose between two graphics modes, prioritising either 4K resolution or 60fps.

PS4 owners will be able to upgrade to the PS5 game for free and transfer saves from the last-gen version, Square Enix announced during a State of Play live stream on Thursday. According to the PlayStation Store, Intergrade will cost $70 on PS5.

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