Fortnite Leak May Tease Thanos Return

It looks like Thanos could be making a return to Fortnite at some point in the future. While by no means a guarantee, new information tied to the ever-popular multiplayer shooter has recently come about that may tease the arrival of the Mad Titan. That being said, these details could also point to the advent of a new character entirely.

Discovered recently in the code of Fortnite, one data miner has found that a new animation for an extra large male character skin has recently been added to the game. The way in which this ties back to Thanos is because the popular Marvel villain has previously been the only character in the history of Fortnite that has ever been listed as an XL skin in the game’s code. The fact that an XL skin of some sort has appeared in the code again suggests that Thanos could be returning.

As mentioned before, however, there’s a chance that this animation could be tied to something else entirely. Simply because Thanos has been the only XL character in Fortnite so far doesn’t mean it will be that way forever. Because of this, what we could be seeing here is the tease of a new character of equal size to Thanos that could be making their way into Fortnite in short order.

That being said, take what has been expressed here with the usual grain of salt. While typically a good source of information in regards to future events, there are instances where details that have come about from data mining don’t lead to anything in the actual game in question.

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