GTA Online Is Giving Players a Free Vehicle

GTA Online routinely offers players discounts on items they might need like upgrades, aircrafts, or weapons, but it’s not often that free things are given away beyond a few smaller items and a t-shirt. This week, however, the game’s latest update is giving players the chance to add a free vehicle to their garages. The offer stands until the first week of March as well, so players have plenty of time to secure their ride before it’s no longer available.

Rockstar Games announced in its weekly update that it’s planning to celebrate the longstanding success of GTA Online throughout the next couple of weeks with gifts and more for players. What all that will entail remains to be seen, but for now, we know that it means players can get a free vehicle.

That vehicle is the Dinka Verus, an off-road vehicle that’s available for free until March 3rd. Players will have two weeks to redeem the offer, and all you have to do to get it is pay Warstock Cache & Carry a visit to get yours.

“The Dinka Verus is a resilient off-roader that can withstand a barrage of brutal rolls, savage spins, and implausibly catastrophic head-ons,” Rockstar Games said about the vehicle. “Of course, its exposed driver can't. But keep in mind that it's a two-seater, so you can share the injuries with your buddy. For two weeks only, civilians can claim their free Dinka Verus from Warstock Cache & Carry.”

Beyond that, we’ll see “slew of new gifts, bonuses, and much more” offered to players. It’s unclear exactly how long this celebration will last, so some of the gifts may overlap.

Other than the free vehicle, the weekly update is giving players bonus rewards for completing Contact Missions, Open Wheel Races, and Biker Sell Missions. To go along with your new Dinka Verus vehicle, you’ll also get a Dinka t-shirt for free just for playing this week. If you complete a Casino Work mission within the next week, you’ll get the Neon Stitch Emissive Mask as well.

While they’re not free, many more vehicles have been discounted as part of the update, so be sure to check what’s available when you’re shopping with all the extra money you’ve earned.

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I will log on to get the quad.

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