Halo Infinite Developers Answer Campaign and Multiplayer Questions

343 Industries has released an extensive new video that has answered quite a few burning questions that players have had in regards to Halo Infinite over the past few months. The questions range from high-level topics associated with the campaign and multiplayer, to more specifics about how the new grappling hook equipment item will operate.

In total, this video is nearly thirty minutes long and features 343’s Community Manager John Junyszek speaking with Quinn Delhoyo, the Lead Sandbox Designer at the studio. The questions presented in the conversation are mostly ones that have come about in the wake of 343’s recent update blog for Halo Infinite which was released last month. As such, most of what fans looked to understand more of dealt primarily with the Sandbox aspect of Infinite which is why Delhoyo is the one giving the answers.

When it comes to some of the more interesting topics presented throughout the conversation, Delhoyo touches on how Halo Infinite is going to change after it formally releases. He talks about how certain weapons won’t only be receiving balance updates after launch, but other guns could also be added later on.

Likely the coolest clarification provided in the question and answer session comes with how the grappling hook can be utilized. Delhoyo confirmed that the new piece of equipment in Halo Infinite can be used not only to pull yourself towards terrain, but can be used to pick up guns that might be scattered on the floor. So if you need a weapon and don’t want to run near it in order to pick it up, you can just fire your grappling hook at it to pull it to you. It’s an awesome-sounding implementation that could be a game-changer if used properly.

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