New Ninji Speedrun Course is Out Now in Super Mario Maker 2

Watch out for piranha plants and dry bones in the latest Ninji Speedrun course.

Despite being released back in the summer of 2019, Nintendo has continued supporting Super Mario Maker 2. With a steady stream of new levels and challenge courses for players to beat, Nintendo has kept the game’s community alive and well. Today, they announced a new Ninji Speedrun course would be added to the mix.

The new course in question is called “Dry Bones Shellscape” and has the player slide across the level inside a dry bones shell. In the tweet announcing the level’s addition, Nintendo challenges players to “find some creative ways to make it to the finish.” The speedrunning community surrounding Super Mario Maker and Super Mario Maker 2 will most likely do just that.

I used to think I had a pretty good handle on the systems in play in Super Mario. However, after spending some time watching Mario Maker speed runs on YouTube, it’s clear that those runners are in a league of their own. Shell jumps, bob-bom juggling, and pixel-perfect long jumps are all essential tools in optimizing Mario Maker levels.

Each time Nintendo announces new Ninji Speedrun courses, runners like LilKirbs and Alpharad spend hours working on getting their runs just right to hold the world record on each level. There are plenty of great Mario Maker speedrunners out there, so only time will tell who will end up with the fastest time on “Dry Bones Shellscape.”

“Dry Bones Shellscape” is able to be played now on Super Mario Maker 2. To play the level, all you need to do is start up the game, click play, select the “course world” menu, select “Ninji Speedruns” at the bottom, and finally select the “Dry Bones Shellscape” course. If you want to check out all the other previous Ninji Speedrun courses, you just need to scroll down and pick the course you want.

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Very cool to see new Super Mario Maker 2 course.

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