PUBG Tests Out a Unique New Game Mode

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds players who’ve been looking for something new to try out can now test a much different sort of game mode called “Zone Tag.” Instead of solely taking out players and trying to survive until the later stages of the match, Zone Tag involves taking and maintaining possession of a ball while keeping yourself safe from others. The mode is playable now for the next few days on the PC platform through the PUBG Labs feature and will be playable on consoles starting on February 23rd.

The blue ball that players have to obtain in Zone Tag creates a pillar of light above the player to constantly reveal their location to enemies, so it automatically puts a target on others. However, the possessor of the ball has a unique power on their side: They control the movement of the Blue Zone. The Blue Zone becomes centered on whoever is holding the ball, so players are able to manipulate it to a degree while moving around the map.

Everyone in the squad of a player who has the ball gets unlimited boost to move around the map quickly, and vehicles are plentiful in Zone Tag to make it a “fast and furious” mode, according to the creators. You can see the full rules for the mode below including inaccessible areas and how the mechanics of the ball work.

Zone Tag
The Ball
The Ball spawns on a random player at the start of the match.
The Ball drags the center of the circle along with it wherever it moves.
The Ball grants special visual effect to the carrier.
All players in the carrier’s squad receive a full boost.
The player with the ball will be lit up by a pillar of light visible starting from 100m distance.

The Ball cannot be manually dropped or passed, but will drop automatically if a player is knocked, killed, or enters a restricted area.
When not attached to a player, The Ball will slowly rise into the air for 5 seconds or until it is no longer blocked by a structure.
The Ball will then seek a new eligible target within 30m and begin to home in on them.

If no eligible target is found, The Ball will remain stationary for 15 seconds before it starts to move towards the center of the map.
A system message will appear for all players when The Ball is dropped or picked up.

The Circle
“The Ball” drags the center of the circle along with it wherever it moves.
There are still circle phases, which shrink the circle and increase damage.
At Phase 6, the Ball disappears and the center of the circle is locked until the end of the match.

Restricted Areas
Entering a Restricted Area will detach the ball and make players ineligible to receive it.
Restricted Areas include:
Small islands off the mainland
Inaccessible Rooftops and High Ground
Player who steps into water with a ball will receive damage and have the ball detached.

Land Vehicles will spawn at every possible spawn point on the map.
Boats and the Motorglider will not spawn.
All vehicles are immune to weapon damage and cannot have their tires punctured.
However, we cannot guarantee damages from crashing into objects!
Spike traps are not spawned.
While inside a vehicle, reloading weapons will not deplete your ammo reserve.

Service Schedule
Zone Tag will be available in LABS on both PC and Console during different times.
PC: February 9th – February 15th
Console: February 23rd – March 1st

Erangel- Sunny
TPP & Sqaud Only
Minimum number of players: 40(PC) / 32(Console)
Maximum number of players: 100 (PC/Console)
The ball has blocked all access from bots. No bots will be available in this mode.

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Good for PUBG to add new things in and doing tests.

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