Bloodborne 60FPS mod is now available for PS4

The Bloodborne 60FPS mod from well-known modder Lance McDonald is now available to download on PS4.

Considering the base Bloodborne game runs at a languid 30FPS that certainly handcuffs performance in a game that so heavily relies on timing, a framerate upgrade has been a top request for Bloodborne players for quite some time. And while some PS4-era games are enjoying an upgrade, like the recent God of War PS5 patch that enabled 60FPS and 4K checkerboard, FromSoftware has never spoken of plans to patch Bloodborne to perform at a higher framerate - and so it's remained locked to 30FPS, even on PS5.

So, McDonald took it into his own hands, debuting a video of his 60FPS Bloodborne patch on YouTube last October, but vowing to give Sony the chance to release their own version until now. As we saw just last week, the unofficial Bloodborne 60FPS patch makes the game positively sing, with buttery smooth motion that promises gameplay that feels more precise. Naturally, players want a chance to enjoy buttery Bloodborne for themselves, and now they can - but if only if they mod their PS4.

Modding a PS4 is a convoluted process, but if you're committed to it you can run unsigned code on your PS4 and apply the patch to the latest update, Bloodborne v1.09. The game will get a resolution downgrade to 720p, but you'll be navigating Yharnam at double the frame rate. I'm sure it'll feel a lot smoother when you're parrying and swiping at Father Gascoigne in 60FPS rather than 30FPS, and considering I can't get through a single encounter in this game I need all the help I can get. Head to McDonald's Patreon for more details on how to download and install the Bloodborne 60FPS patch.

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