PS5 to Officially Launch in China in Q2

It would appear that the PlayStation 5 will officially launch in mainland China later this year. A new video from Sony's Chinese division indicates that the popular next-gen console will go on sale during Q2 2021, which basically means it'll be available somewhere between March and June. While the official launch isn't scheduled until then, consumers have been able to import the PS5 from elsewhere prior to this.

As noted by Niko Partners senior analyst Daniel Ahmad, the mainland China version of the PS5 will almost certainly have some kind of region lock when it launches. As with the Nintendo Switch launch in the country, there are very specific approval processes that must be gone through in order to launch hardware and software in China. It is likely that software approvals are currently in motion given the impending launch of the hardware.

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I didn't realize they wouldn't be apart of the official release!

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