Apex Legends Nintendo Switch File Size Revealed

After months of teases, Respawn Entertainment finally revealed this past week that Apex Legends will be landing on Nintendo Switch in early March. The announcement finally brought relief to many who had been waiting for a specific launch date, but as we now approach that time, others have started to wonder how much space they’ll need to make on their Switch to install it. Well, thankfully, it seems like we now have our answer.

The official game page for Apex Legends on Nintendo’s website has recently been updated to reveal that the battle royale shooter will require a whopping 30GB of space on the console. While this usually isn’t a very large amount on other consoles like the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X, it takes up nearly the entirety of the Switch’s internal memory. While this file size seems to be pretty concrete, there also could be an error with it.

On the UK Nintendo Switch website, it was noticed at one point within the past few days that Apex Legends only had a file size of about 15GB. This is obviously much better compared to what the US site currently shows, but it seems as though this 15GB size could be incorrect. The page was later taken down and the file size with it has since disappeared. As such, it seems like 30GB may be the actual download size after all.

All of this simply goes to say that if you haven't made room on your Nintendo Switch in awhile, well, now might be a good time to do so if you're looking to grab Apex Legends next month. Conversely, if you also haven't upgraded your Switch with an external memory card, you could always buy one of those. Micro SD cards typically aren't too expensive and allow you to double the size of your Switch's storage without having to break the bank.

As for when Apex Legends is actually releasing on Switch, the game will finally arrive next month on March 9th. With this date drawing ever-closer, we’ll be sure to keep you updated on the Switch release of the game if there are any new developments.

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I hope it isn't 30gb that's way too big

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