PS5 – 87 Percent of Users Subscribed to PlayStation Plus

In its Q3 fiscal year 2020 results, Sony reported quite the number of successes. The PS4 had shipped 115 million units worldwide while the PS5 shipped 4.5 million units as of December 2020 end. In terms of services, PlayStation Plus has also been doing well with 47.4 million subscribers as of December 31st.

According to Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad on Twitter, 87 percent of PS5 users subscribe to PlayStation Plus. Total gameplay time for PlayStation users in December was also 30 percent higher year-on-year. As such, PlayStation Plus offered benefits like the PlayStation Plus Collection for PS5 players, which contains a number of big-name PS4 titles like Bloodborne, Persona 5 and so on.

The fact that PS5 versions of titles like Bugsnax and Maneater were offered for free also didn’t hurt. This month’s free offerings include Destruction AllStars and Control Ultimate Edition so it should be interesting to see how the service performs by the end of the fiscal year. Stay tuned for more details in the coming months.

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87%? man thats about 5 users who have a ps5


I'm part of the 13% who hasn't lol

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