Battlefield 6 Coming Holiday 2021, Crossplay Likely For Massive Battle

During an earnings call, EA dropped a few details about what we can expect from the upcoming Battlefield 6. The newest installment of the long-running franchise will be a return of the all-out warfare that players love. The game will also reportedly take advantage of all of the advancements available with next-gen technology.

Chief Executive Officer at EA, Andrew Wilson, promised the biggest Battlefield experience to date. The game is expected to have the largest battles we’ve ever seen in the series and even more options to tailor your playstyle. With Battlefield being known for its frenetic and chaotic battles, it sounds like players will be in for the best that the franchise has to offer. Wilson remained mostly tight-lipped but promised more official news in the coming months.

A major topic of speculation has also been about whether Battlefield 6 will have crossplay. Given that Call of Duty Warzone has implemented the function to great success, it would be surprising if this was not available. With Call of Duty being its direct competitor, Battlefield may need to follow in those footsteps to make a mark. It would easily make the promise of massive battles that much more possible. And that much more chaotic. This is where Battlefield has often had a leg up on the competition. If Battlefield 6 can nail its launch and successfully rollout crossplay alongside it, we could very well be seeing the next big contender in the competitive shooter scene.

Wilson went on to say that the development on Battlefield 6 is actually ahead of schedule. Further stating that it is on par to be the earliest complete installment in the franchise. It was already confirmed for Holiday 2021 release according to a previous financial report. With progress on the upcoming title being so positive, it looks like With an official first look coming this coming spring.

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Good reveals are coming in spring.


I really can not wait for the reveal for this game

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